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Hair extensions can be the instant miracle fix for almost all of your hair issues. Whether you want to flaunt beachy summer waves, waist-length locks, or a half-ponytail, you can finally achieve it with the right hair extensions .

While hair extensions help you attain your desired look, they can only help you if you have the right type of extensions. For instance, products with subpar quality and glue-damaged leftovers can make you regret having them on. To choose the right one, get your money’s worth, and have all of your questions about hair extensions answered, keep reading this article.

What Is Remy Hair?

Remy hair extensions have cuticles aligned in the same direction that creates a smoother, more manageable look. Other types of hair extensions with lower quality may have some upside-down strands, which cause them to lock together and make a mess of tangles.

What Are Hair Extension Grades?

If you’re new to the world of hair extensions, you may see advertisements that offer extensions in different grades. However, the truth is it’s simply a marketing ploy. While suppliers use them to indicate quality, ratings like 10A, 7A, and AAAAA+ don’t actually mean a thing. This is because these grades are unregulated.

SInce the quality ratings of different brands are unreliable, just stick to the facts. To determine the quality of hair extensions, read customer reviews and check if the extensions are genuine Remy.

Is Long Hair Required to Get Extensions?

Long hair is not a prerequisite for having extensions. However, your hair should be 8-10 centimetres in length, so the extensions will be easier to apply. Having this much length of hair will also give you more application method options to choose from. On the other hand, if you are sporting a short hairdo, opt for tape-in extensions. Besides being compatible with your length of hair, they are very thin, which allow them to look seamless with your natural hair.

Are Hair Extensions Advisable on Thin Hair?

You can still get hair extensions if you have thin hair, but you need to choose the right application methods to prevent hair damage. One of your options are flip-ins, which are the least invasive method of attachment. Since nothing is pulling on the hair, they are considered the safest choice. Besides flip-ins, tape-ins are also a good choice. They come in small, thin strands, so they don’t put much strain on your thin hair.

Some hair extension methods that you should stay away from are clips or microbeads since they can damage your already thin hair. If you are looking for other options, consult your stylist so they can assess your hair density and give recommendations.

What Is the Suitable Weight?

Besides the length, you have to consider its weight when buying new hair extensions. Doing this will ensure you order enough to cover your entire head for the right style.

If your hair length is 18-24 inches, here are some recommendations to consider:

  • Tape-in Hair Extensions: If you have fine hair, get 60-80 pieces of extensions at 50 grams each. Buy 60-80 pieces at 100 grams each for thicker hair.
  • Clip-in and Flip-in Style Hair Extensions: Use 60-100 grams for thin hair, while get 120-180 grams for medium to thick hair.
  • I-Tip, U-Tip, and Micro Ring Hair Extensions: Go with 100-140 strands at 0.5-0.7 grams each for thin hair. If you have medium to thick hair, it’s advisable to get 120-200 strands at one gram each.
  • Wefts: Wefts are versatile, so regardless of whether you have thin or thick hair, you can go for 1.5-2 wefts at 100 grams each.

Keep in mind that multiply or divide the base range of 18-24 inches by ten per cent for every two inches if you want to use extensions with more or less volume.

What Is the Best Hair Extension Application Method?

The right hair extension application method depends on your desired results, lifestyle, and preferences. For instance, clip-in and flip-in are your best options if you want extensions that you can install on your own, attach before you go out, and remove once the day is over. They’re ideal for you if you don’t have to wear them all the time.

On the other hand, seek more permanent extensions if you don’t have the time to fix your hair every day. Some of your options include tape-in, microbeads, and fusion.

How do I Choose the Right Color for Hair Extensions?

Choosing the right colour for hair extensions can be challenging, but you can use a hair extension colour guide so you can easily find the right shade. As for which colour will work best for you, there is no universal rule, this is up to your preference. However, a good rule of thumb is to choose lighter tones to look younger, while opt for darker ones for a more mature look.

Will Natural Hair Blend with Hair Extensions?

If you wonder if hair extensions are noticeable, no need to worry. They blend seamlessly into your natural hair. You just have to pick the right colour or mix and match different ones. By combining various shades, your extensions will look more natural. You can also trim them, so they match your natural locks perfectly.

Can You Install Hair Extensions Yourself?

Some hair extensions are extremely easy to wear and require only basic skills. Flip-in, tape-in, and clip-in methods are perfect for beginners, since you can just simply watch a video tutorial and follow the instructions. However, other methods may need a helping hand for the back of your head, like microbeads and fusion. You also need pliers or clamps to install them properly.

In general, you have the option to find some guides that are easy to follow, so you can apply the extensions on your own. But if you have the budget, prefer convenience, and enjoy the experience of being pampered, then it’s advisable to have them installed by a professional hairstylist.


Hair extensions are incredible hair products that can enhance your look or change your appearance instantly. If you haven’t tried them out yet, choosing the right one might be tricky. Plus, using them might seem complicated for you if you are a complete beginner. Thankfully, you now know the basics when it comes to buying and installing them. If you are now ready to look for the best hair extensions, then you’ve come to the right place.

At Foxy Locks, we offer luxury hair extensions in the UK and the US. Our premium-grade extensions are made from Remy human hair and designed with seamless wefts, which means they blend perfectly into your natural hair. Browse our selection to see the different lengths, weights, styles, and colours available!

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