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Have you ever thought about changing your hairstyle to give yourself a new look? You can now do this easily with hair extensions. Hair extensions are non-committal, yet they deliver excellent results. You also won’t need to alter your hair permanently to achieve the style you want; plus, this gives you an option to change up your hairstyle however you want it, whenever you want to.

Most hair extensions today, such as the ones we offer here at Foxy Locks, are made of real human hair. With that, you can do almost anything with it, like straightening it!

If you’re hesitant to straighten their hair extensions, thinking that you might damage it, don’t worry––it’s totally acceptable to straighten your hair extensions. Yet, you need to know the right way to do so!

Here are our practical tips on how you can straighten your hair extensions safely:

How To Straighten Hair Extensions Separately

As much as possible, you should straighten hair extensions separately, and that means unclip it from your natural hair before starting. This is the easiest way to straighten your hair extension. To do this, wash and hair-dry the extensions first and hang them; then brush the hair strands to eliminate tangles or clumps.

When it’s brushed, spray a heat protectant on it and let it dry. After that, set the iron at its lowest heating point—when it’s hot, run the iron from top to bottom on one weft of the hair. Repeat the process until you’re happy with the results.

How To Straighten It Along With Natural Hair

If you want to straighten your natural hair along with your hair extensions, you can do so. However, keep in mind that this will take more time.

Brush your hair to remove any tangles and apply a heat-protective spray or gel on your hair. In this case, it would be easier to start from the bottom. First, take a layer of hair from below the neck and divide them into two parts. Bring them in front and iron the left side. When done, repeat the process on the other side; then move upward and take one layer of hair and iron it.

How To Straighten Hair Extensions With A Blow Dryer

If you don’t like using a flat iron for hair straightening, then you can consider using a blow dryer instead. When you have washed your hair, apply a hair smoothing serum on the strands, and brush it while it’s wet. Set the blow dryer to a cold setting and blow-dry the strands to your liking.


Hair extensions products have helped many people enhance their looks or even change their styles to their preferences. When it comes to straightening, you now know that you don’t have to be afraid of doing it on your hair extensions, because it works like how you would normally straighten your natural hair. This is also why you need to invest in quality products that are made of natural hair, as synthetic hair extensions may be challenging to straighten and could even damage it. When you get the highest quality for your hair, you get to make the most out of it and change the style depending on your mood!

If you are looking for the best quality natural hair extensions in the UK, Foxy Locks has got you covered. We offer various styles of hair extensions you can choose from to suit your needs. Visit our shop today to place your order!

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