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Clip-in hair extensions are a fabulous way of adding heft and glamour to any hairstyle. If you use extensions regularly, you know that anything you do with them can impact their longevity. If you’re planning on having these accessories for a while, you have to think twice before bleaching them or styling them under certain conditions. If this is your first time to use extensions, here are several things you should avoid doing at all costs.

Styling wet or damp hair extensions

When you brush or style these accessories while they’re wet, you put them at risk for tangling or even snapping. Don’t brush the strands unless they’re completely dry; otherwise, you might cause the wefts to shed. After washing your extensions, leave them out on a towel and allow them to dry overnight. In the morning, or after they’re fully dry, comb them gently, starting from the bottom of the wefts and moving up.

Attempting to cut your extensions on your own

DIY haircuts are fun, especially if you’re doing it on yourself. If you make a mistake, you’re sure that you’ll grow the strands again. However, unless you know what you’re doing, don’t attempt to trim or style your hair extensions on your own, or you might end up needing to purchase a new set. If it’s necessary to cut the hair to ensure it blends in better with your natural strands, ask a professional hair stylist or a hairdresser to do this for you.

Using heat styling tools on the hair extensions

Straightening or curling irons could damage the strands, so don’t use these tools too much. Since you’re likely to be purchasing clip-in hair extensions for a specific purpose, take your look into consideration and buy a set that comes close to the hairstyle you want. For example, if your look for the event relies on straight hair, don’t pick extensions that are pre-curled or wavy. If you must use hair straighteners or curlers, make sure you protect them first with spray.

Having them too close to your hairline

When you attach these accessories too close to your hairline, they become more noticeable. They’re also more painful and are prone to falling out. Attach your extensions at least two inches away from the line, and half an inch away from the scalp. The hair will also look more natural if you do this.

Bleaching or sleeping in your extensions

Like with using hair styling tools, it’s unnecessary to use chemical bleach on your hair extensions, since they’ve already gone through bleaching. If you lighten your extensions, you might damage the wefts and destroy the extensions. If you want to darken your extensions, though, it’s okay—dark dye is not as damaging as bleach.

Finally, before you sleep, make sure you’ve removed your clips. Otherwise, they would become matted and could tug on your natural hair. When you remove the clips, you’ll have a better night’s sleep and prolong the lifespan of your accessories.


When wearing hair extensions, you cannot treat them like regular hair. You cannot bleach, style, or cut these accessories like you would your natural locks—if you do, you might find yourself getting a new set sooner than you expected!

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