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The hair extension market is predicted to reach £8 billion by 2023. It is well worth it to become a skilled stylist who can produce quality products, as the pay will be rewarding.

Understanding how each hair extension works is essential in a salon. For example, some clients may appreciate micro rings, while others may want to try tape-in extensions or hair weaves. We discuss these techniques below and why they are important.

What Are Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro rings are the most popular method for extensions in the UK. They can be inserted under the hairline along the head. The best part about this method is that it is undetectable. The micro rings are made from medical-grade titanium to make them last. The typical micro ring weighs around 0.5g.

While some clients like the size of micro rings, others do not. They can be small, which is not ideal for many clients. Additionally, the small size can cause the rings to fall out. However, if you are looking for a hair extension that is easy to apply, this is the best choice.

They do not require much time to put in or take out. However, they do need a ton of upkeep. The rings need to be adjusted every month. Some stylists recommend changing them every other month.

How Long Do Micro Rings Last?

Micro-ring hair extensions usually last for around seven months. However, the lifespan can be considerably shorter, depending on the quality of the product being used. For example, if a technician is not experienced with micro rings, they will be more likely to pull on them and cause them to rip out.

Also, the type of micro ring being used can impact the product’s lifespan. Some micro styles may be more potent than others. As a general rule, the thicker and more comprehensive the micro rings, the more time they will last.

Clients who do not like their micro rings after the first six months can easily take the micros out themselves. Removing them is relatively simple and takes no more than 20 minutes.

How Do You Put In Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

The best way to apply micro rings is to wash the head with shampoo. This will open the hair follicles, making it easier to use the rings. Once the hair is clean and dry, a small amount of water is applied. Then, a thin layer of bond is put on the roots of the hair.

Next, the micro rings are put around the hair. These extensions will not hurt the head, as the micro rings are too thin to cause any pain. If clients use silk hair extensions, they may need a head covering to prevent the silk from rubbing against the head. This can cause them to rip out.

How Much Do Micro Ring Hair Extensions Cost?

Micro-ring hair extensions can cost around £75. For a full head, clients will pay about £500, depending on the length of the extensions. To make the hair extensions last longer, it is best to have the technician cut them.

If a client is seeking the best micro ring extensions, they should look for a salon with a professional who is highly trained. The more experience the technician has, the higher the prices will be.

Micro Ring Hair Extension Benefits

The main benefit of micro ring hair extensions is that they are the easiest to apply. They are also accessible for the client to take care of. Removing them is also easy, making it easy for the client to get a different style.

Another benefit of this product is that it can last for up to 8 months. However, that depends on the quality of the hair and the technician’s skill. Some stylists say they can last as long as 12 months.

The main disadvantage of this hair extension technique is that the hair may fall out. If the technician holds the micro ring, they may pull on the extensions and rip them out. The product is usually sold on a per-piece basis. This can cause it to be expensive.

Micro Ring Hair Extension Risks

While micro rings are a popular option, they have some risks. A client can react to the product or rip it out of the scalp. If a client is reacting, they should not use the micro rings. It may be the product causing the reaction and not the ring itself.

If the micro ring falls out, it is vital to put it back in immediately. Removing the ring will damage the hair, so the client should only remove it when the stylist removes it.

How to Care for Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Caring for micro ring hair extensions can be done at home. To ensure that the micro ring extensions look their best, it is essential to wash them regularly. Once the hair extensions are dry and the client starts to see some frizz, it is necessary to wash them.

To wash them, use a shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to use the appropriate products for the hair extensions being used. Also, many stylists recommend using a shower cap when using hot water. However, if the micro rings are damaged, it is best to use cold water.

It is vital to limit the amount of products used on hair extensions. Using too many products may cause the client to experience a reaction. The best way to keep the hair extensions healthy is to use a leave-in conditioner and water.

When storing the micro ring extensions, it is best to keep them in a closet, away from any heat sources. This can help keep them looking nice for as long as possible.

How To Remove Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

Clients can remove micro ring extensions with minimal difficulty. First, they should wash their hair. This will help them remove the bond. Next, they should dry their hair and use a pair of scissors to remove the hair extensions.

They should remove the micro rings one by one. If clients are unsure how to remove the rings, they should ask the stylist who put them in to remove them.


Micro rings are one of the most popular hair extension methods. They are more popular than tape-in extensions and more popular than weaves. This makes sense, as they are easy to apply and remove. Clients can get micro ring hair extensions at home. They are effortless to install and remove.

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