8th Feb 2024

Tape In Hair Extensions FAQS

Tape In Hair Extensions FAQS

Here at Foxy Locks, we’re proud to offer the latest and greatest in hair extension technology. One of our most renowned ranges is our Remy tape in collection. With our innovative invisible weft design, LiteTape® bonding, and over 20 shades, our extensions offer a seamless blend and exceptional durability. Designed for the modern woman seeking a stylish and convenient solution to their hair woes, we explore all the common questions and queries you might have when exploring tape-in options!

What are Tape-Ins?

Tape in hair extensions are a semi-permanent option that use specially formulated, scalp friendly adhesive tape to attach at your natural roots. Applied by a professional hair stylist in a salon environment, the wefts are carefully attached to be disguised within your natural partings. Tape-in extensions can last up to eight weeks before needing to be removed and readjusted up the hair shaft. Their easy maintenance makes them an attractive option for people that lead a busier lifestyle.

What’s the Tape-In application like?

When visiting a trained hair professional, you may require a consultation appointment first. Your stylist will assess the condition, length, thickness, and texture of your natural hair to advise you on how many packs of tape-ins you require for your desired look. Here at Foxy Locks, our tape-in range includes 20 pre-taped pieces, at 50 grams of hair per pack.

Tape-in extensions have a relatively quick application time from start to finish. Beginning on freshly washed and dried hair, combed into manageable sections. The application method involves taking a Remy tape-in extension piece and placing it at the root of your natural hair. The adhesive is exposed, and your natural hair is laid over the top to sandwich onto the extension. Your stylist will use a tail comb to firmly secure in place and ensure that the extension lies flat against your head in the right direction.

How many packs do I need?

The number of packs of hair extensions you will need will depend on your hair’s natural thickness. Typically, we recommend 1-2 packs for fine hair, 3-4 packs for medium hair, and 4+ packs for thick hair. This amount can vary, depending on personal preference and condition of your hair. You do not want to add any unnecessary or excessive weight to hair that is heat or bleached damaged.

Why choose Tape-Ins?

Foxy Locks Remy tape-in extensions are salon quality, created for the purpose of adding luxurious length and enviable volume to your natural hair. We use the same premium standard hair as our clip-in extensions, meaning 100% human hair, flawless full ends, and silky soft to touch. Our invisible weft design and expert colour matching service allows you to achieve a completely seamless blend. With the right placement, your hair can be worn up or down, heat styled and washed as usual.

How long-lasting are Tape-Ins?

Your tape-in extensions will need to be removed and reapplied every 6-8 weeks according to new regrowth. Your stylist will apply a special dissolving solution that breaks down the adhesive, allowing the extension to simply slide out of its secure hold. New tapes will be placed on the extensions to replace the old adhesive, then the process begins again with application on clean hair. With this method, your tape-in extensions should last up to a year or more with the correct maintenance before needing to be replaced.

Do tape-in extensions cause damage?

No! A common myth (that needs to be dispelled) is that tape-in extensions cause your hair to fall out. This only occurs when they are improperly applied, incorrectly removed, or that they are not well maintained. It may appear like hair is pulled out during the removal process; however this is just the natural shedding process occurring stuck to the extension. Tape-in extensions are actually one of the least damaging types of hair extensions when compared to K-tips or micro-links. Tape-in extensions aren’t advised for anyone with already compromised hair or scalp issues. Dry or damaged induced frizz on your natural hair will mean that your texture doesn’t blend with the extension. Additionally, too much weight on your natural hair may prevent healthy natural regrowth.

Can I style my Tape-In extensions as usual?

Mostly, yes! Foxy Locks Remy tape in extensions can be treated the same as your natural hair when it comes to washing and styling. This means using a good quality shampoo and conditioner to nourish and hydrate, and a heat protectant product to maintain the condition of your locks. Take a gentle approach to washing, avoiding scrubbing the scalp too vigorously. Avoid applying heat and oil products at the root, as this could interfere with the adhesive. Always brush your hair and extensions carefully, detangling from the ends and working your way up.

Our Remy Tape-In extensions offer a world of possibilities for changing up your look, adding length, thickness, and versatility. With the right maintenance and upkeep, your extensions can be a more long-lasting, minimal effort option compared to clip-ins or other options. Get in touch with our expert team if you have any questions about your Foxy Locks tape-ins!