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Ponytails are classic, and they remain to be a crowd favourite. They’re easy to do, making them the go-to hairstyle for the bad hair days. All you ever need is a good brush and elastic band, and you’ll be able to achieve a chic and timeless look.

In an age where celebrities like Ariana Grande don ponytails, however, more and more women now look for more dramatic ponytail looks. With only so much hair to work with, how do you incorporate a unique flair that will make heads turn?

The answer is rather simple—ponytail extensions! They’re effortless and highly convenient, allowing you to transform your hair into the best possible styles, fit for casual brunch dates down to special red carpet events.

Ponytail extensions are ideal for all hair types, allowing you to sport longer and shiny hair. They’re also well-secured and natural-looking, making them the perfect choice to complement any look. Here’s how to use ponytail extensions:

  • Step 1: Pull your locks into a ponytail, making sure to attach the elastic band properly. While you can opt to tie it however you wish, it’s best to wear a higher ponytail for a more secure extension. Once your desired height is achieved, secure your elastic band—it needs to stay in place to hold the weight of your extensions.
  • Step 2: Place the extension on top of your ponytail, making sure to keep the tail underneath your natural hair. Carefully secure the extension by wrapping it firmly around the hair, making sure to overlap the velcro attached to the extension tightly.
  • Step 3: Secure the extension onto your ponytail with a set of bobby pins, just to ensure that it doesn’t fall. Brush through your hair and the extension carefully, just to make sure that everything is blended well. You’ll want your natural locks to mix well with the hair extensions for a seamless look!

Pro tip: There’s no such thing as too much bobby pins—if you feel that your hair needs more anchoring, keep securing the ponytail.

Other Styles to Try

The steps above show you a classic way to wear your ponytail, but one could always use the magic touch of drama. If you want to wear your ponytail extensions in other and more creative ways, here are more ideas you can try:

1 – Parting

If you wish to rock a more Parisian style, opt to part your hair at the centre before placing your hair in a ponytail. Make sure to use a fine-toothed comb for better results, as this will help you get an even central parting. Also make sure to mist some hairspray to tame those baby hairs, to be done right before installing your extensions.

2 – Statement buns

Hair extensions are sleek, thick, and long, so they’re perfect for making statement buns. Slick your hair back with some hairspray after tying into a ponytail, to be followed by your extensions. Once secure, wrap the extension around the base, like you would with your natural hair. Secure and voila—you can now rock a ballerina chic, ready to take on the rest of the workday.

Ponytail Extensions by the Best in Town

Ponytails are some of the best hairstyles you can use daily, especially if you’re constantly on the go. They keep hair away as you work and have fun, ensuring that you look chic and timeless all day long. To up your looks, however, it’s best to use ponytail extensions. They create drama and flair, ensuring that you remain as confident as ever.

For the best clip-in ponytail extensions, Foxy Locks is the perfect place to go. We supply women all over the world with quality Remy hair, ensuring that you remain chic and fabulous no matter the occasion. Browse through our affordable products and experience the best customer service—we’re your new best friend.

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