21st Jun 2023

An Interview with our CEO and Founder, Imogen Fox

An Interview with our CEO and Founder, Imogen Fox

Imogen Fox is the visionary behind Foxy Locks, our leading luxury hair extension brand. With an unwavering passion for hair and an entrepreneurial spirit, Imogen is responsible for revolutionizing the beauty industry, setting new standards and captivating the world with high-end, salon-quality Remy hair extensions.

Join us as we sit down with Imogen to discuss her trailblazing career journey, her sources of inspiration, and her go-to products.

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations?

A: While there are many people who inspire and motivate me, one person stands out above all others - my late mother. My mother was not only my biggest cheerleader but also my guiding light. Her support and belief in my abilities fuelled my ambition and gave me the confidence to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. I was very fortunate to have very supportive parents, I am truly grateful for the guidance and inspiration I have received from both my parents. Their support, love, and belief in my abilities have shaped me into the resilient and determined entrepreneur I am today. I carry their wisdom and values with me as I navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, striving to make a positive impact and create a lasting legacy.

I also find inspiration in the creativity of Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx. Her entrepreneurial journey, starting with a simple idea and transforming it into a global brand, demonstrates the power of perseverance and innovation. Sara's ability to challenge the status quo and disrupt industries has encouraged me to think outside the box and embrace calculated risks.

The former CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, is another source of inspiration. Her exceptional leadership skills and strategic vision have been instrumental in driving the growth and success of one of the world's largest food and beverage companies. Indra's ability to navigate complex business landscapes while maintaining a focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility has taught me the importance of balancing profitability with a broader societal impact.

Side profile shot of CEO and Founder of Foxy Locks, Imogen Fox, sitting at a grand piano

Q: What does ‘a day in the life’ look like for you?

A: Let me take you on a personal journey through my typical day; Mornings are my time to set the tone for the day. I wake up with a sense of anticipation, ready to tackle the opportunities and tasks that lie ahead. Before diving into work, I make it a priority to nourish my body and mind. Whether it's sipping on a warm cup of tea, a nutritional smoothie or taking a few moments to clear my mind, I find these rituals invigorate me and bring a sense of calm amidst the hustle.

I then dive headfirst into my work. As an entrepreneur and company CEO, I wear many hats, and my day is a blend of strategic planning, creative brainstorming, and hands-on execution. I check emails, review my to-do list, and prioritise tasks. Collaborating with my team is an essential part of my day, and together we tackle challenges, share ideas, and work towards our shared vision.

Learning is an ongoing adventure. I devote time to expanding my knowledge, staying up-to-date with industry trends and reading books and articles that challenge my thinking.

Throughout the day, I make a conscious effort to take care of myself. Self-care is a non-negotiable part of my routine. I prioritise breaks to recharge and refocus. Whether it's stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, indulging in a healthy meal, or losing myself in a few moments of mindful reflection, these small acts of self-care bring me back to the centre and restore my energy.

Entrepreneurship is an ever-changing landscape, and adaptability is my secret weapon. I embrace the unexpected challenges that come my way, seeing them as opportunities for growth and innovation. I analyse data, make strategic decisions, and find creative solutions to overcome obstacles. It's in these moments that I discover new strengths within myself and my team. Collaboration and teamwork fuel my passion. I believe in fostering an environment of open communication, trust, and empowerment. Together, we bring ideas to life, support each other's endeavours, and celebrate the milestones achieved. It's the collective energy and diverse perspectives that drive us forward.

Finally, I carve out time to disconnect from work and nurture my personal life. I value the moments spent with loved ones, my dogs and engaging in activities that bring joy and allow me to recharge. It's in these moments of connection and relaxation that I find that balance is necessary. I also really enjoy alone time.

Being an entrepreneur in the hair extension industry is a fulfilling and ever-evolving journey. It allows me to blend my creativity, business acumen, and passion for making people feel confident and beautiful. Each day brings new challenges and triumphs, but through it all, I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dreams and create a lasting impact in the world of hair extensions.

Q: What’s a piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

A: It would be this: Believe in yourself unconditionally. Have faith in your abilities, ideas, and vision. Trust your instincts and don't let self-doubt or fear hold you back. Embrace setbacks as learning opportunities and never stop learning and growing. Surround yourself with a supportive network, prioritise self-care, and enjoy the journey.

CEO and Founder of Foxy Locks, Imogen Fox, touching her hair, against a wooden brown coloured back drop

Q: What challenges have you overcome as a female entrepreneur?

A: I have faced and conquered numerous challenges on my entrepreneurial journey. Being a female entrepreneur has brought its own set of obstacles, but I have persevered and emerged stronger.

One of the initial challenges I encountered was breaking through gender stereotypes and biases prevalent in the business world. There were instances where I felt underestimated or not taken seriously simply because I am a female. However, I refused to let these limitations define me. I demonstrated my expertise, showcased the quality of my products, and built a reputation for excellence, earning the respect and trust of clients and industry professionals.

Balancing personal and professional life was another ongoing challenge. As a business owner, the boundaries between work and personal life often blur, leading to burnout. I realised the importance of setting boundaries, prioritising self-care, and surrounding myself with a strong team that could share the workload and support me during demanding times. 

Additionally, I faced the challenge of fierce competition in the hair extension industry. To overcome this, I focused on differentiation by offering high-quality products, exceptional customer service, unique branding and competitive pricing. By consistently delivering excellence and establishing a strong brand identity, I successfully carved out a niche and built a loyal customer base.

While these challenges have tested my resilience and determination, they have also been instrumental in my growth as a female entrepreneur. Each obstacle I overcame has fuelled my passion and reinforced my belief in the value I bring to the industry.

I am proud to have overcome these challenges and emerged as a leading figure in the hair extension industry. I hope my journey serves as an inspiration to other aspiring female entrepreneurs, showing them that with determination, resilience, and a commitment to excellence, they too can conquer any obstacles they encounter on their path to success.

Q: How has the business changed since its inception?

A: Reflecting on how my business has evolved since its inception fills me with a sense of pride and gratitude. Over the years, my brand has undergone transformational changes, adapting to the ever-evolving industry and the needs of my customers.

When my business first began, it was a small venture, driven by my passion for hair extensions as my own hair was so flat and lacked volume, I was in awe when I first tried them! The market was so small and the offering for high quality, thick extensions was almost non-existent, that's when I sought out to create my own range. After months of research and sitting at my computer all day and night, I created Foxy Locks and I started with a modest inventory.

As time progressed, I focused on expanding my product range, continuously researching and sourcing the finest materials and textures. I recognised the significance of building a strong online presence. I embraced the power of YouTube and became what was known then as a 'YouTube Guru', teaching fellow hair enthusiasts even the most simple hair tutorials and make-up looks. I focused on establishing an engaging website and leveraging social media platforms to showcase my products and connect with a broader audience. This shift allowed me to reach customers globally and amplify the visibility of my brand.

To meet the ever-changing needs of my customers, I also invested in exceptional customer experience. I implemented personalised consultations, allowing clients to find the perfect match for their desired look and providing guidance on proper care and maintenance. By going above and beyond to exceed expectations, I fostered customer loyalty and advocacy, creating a community of satisfied clients who became ambassadors for my brand.

As my business grew, so did my team. I surrounded myself with talented professionals who shared my vision and contributed their unique expertise. Together, we built a strong foundation and created a culture of innovation, creativity, and continuous improvement.

While change has been a constant throughout this journey, what remains unchanged is my passion for providing exceptional products and services. I design and test every product and put it through a rigorous process to ensure only the best. With every evolution, my brand continues to thrive and exceed expectations, and I am excited to embrace future opportunities and create an even more impactful presence in the hair extension industry.

Back of woman's head showing wavy thick light brown/blonde hair with an over-sized black hair bow

Q: Where do you envision Foxy Locks will be in 5 years?

A: My vision for Foxy Locks in five years is to be a global leader in the hair extension industry, known for our commitment to quality, innovation, sustainability, and social impact. We will continue to push boundaries, inspire confidence, and empower individuals to express their unique beauty through our exceptional products and brand experiences.

Q: What are your 3 favourite Foxy Locks products?

A: These are the three that have captured my heart:

  1. The Seamless Clip-In Extensions: These extensions have revolutionised the way I style my hair. With their flat lightweight design and superior quality, they seamlessly blend with my natural hair, creating a flawless and voluminous look. The easy-to-use clips provide a secure hold. These extensions give me the confidence and versatility to effortlessly transform my look depending on my mood.
  2. The Foxy Locks Gold Hair Oil: This luxurious hair oil has become an absolute essential in my hair care routine. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, it hydrates, smoothens, and adds a healthy shine to my hair. On my natural hair or extensions, the Foxy Locks Gold Hair Oil revitalizes and rejuvenates, leaving my hair feeling soft, silky, and lustrous. It's a true game-changer for maintaining the health of my hair.
  3. The Ponytail: For those days when I want an instant glam upgrade or a quick fix for dirty hair, the Foxy Locks Ponytail is my go-to. It effortlessly adds length and volume to my ponytail, creating a chic and polished look in seconds. It allows me to achieve a glamorous hairstyle without any fuss. It's the perfect accessory to elevate my everyday look or enhance a special occasion ensemble.

Q: What are your favourite hairstyle tips/styling advice?

A: Add hairspray to dry hair, brush through and then blow dry with a round brush. This gives amazing volume and holds the style, my hair is quite flat so I love this trick! 

Q: What's your favourite everyday hairstyle?

A: For me it's always loose curls, I really enjoy the process of getting ready and looking my best every day. Feeling my best means I work better and my whole persona is elevated. I use the Foxy Locks Curling Wand to achieve my signature loose waves.

Q: What are your desert island essentials?

A: Definitely a hair brush! My Foxy Locks Gold Hair Oil (I have to keep my hair in amazing condition, obviously!), a high SPF and books...lots of books to keep me entertained.

You can see and hear more from Imogen over on her Instagram, expect to find stunning hairspo, glamorous interiors, and breathtaking travel pics!