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Hair extensions can make your locks look thicker and fuller, transforming you into a red-carpet celebrity after application. However, some mistakes arise, and people tend to notice when something doesn’t look right. Some strands look too dark, destroying the illusion of the style you were going for.

To avoid having oddly hued tufts that stand out too much from your natural hair, matching colours is a must. It takes a sharp eye to find the perfect shade to bring out a seamless finish in your hair. Read the tips below to help you with your colour-matching journey.

Those who want to add more life and length to their hair can easily feel glamorous with clip-in hair extensions, allowing you to make drastic improvements to your looks without the risk of damaging your natural tresses.

Of course, ensuring it blends evenly with your hair is the key to achieving a seamless hair-do, so here are some tips to consider when choosing the perfect colour for your hair extensions.

The Importance of Colour Matching Your Hair Extensions

The secret to using hair extensions perfectly is to wear them seamlessly and make them look like part of your natural hair. That means wearing the extensions correctly and choosing the right colour and texture to match your normal hair. You should also look for natural hair extensions over synthetic ones to ensure high quality.

Many online tutorials will teach you how to wear hair extensions and make them appear seamless. That said, successfully colour-matching them with your hair can be particularly challenging.

Colour matching is crucial since we don’t want that awkward obviousness of fake hair from natural hair. It is still best to consult with professional hairstylists like Foxy Locks to correctly analyse your hair condition. Here are some of the techniques that a hairstylist can do to your hair to colour match it perfectly:

1. Colour Rings – colour rings is a tool comprising different colour shades allowing hair professionals to compare shades easily with the hair extension sample sizes. This technique is done to the root colour of the hair for an accurate result.

2. Blending – Blending is when hair professionals mix different colour tones to achieve the correct natural hair colour. Sometimes there are different shades required, but stylists can easily colour match with the use of blending.

3. Application Style – Colour matching is also achieved by applying the extensions correctly. It depends on the density of the hair, so professionals must inspect the client’s hair properly to avoid it being thin and stringy.

This article will give tips on finding the most natural-looking hair extensions for you via some colour-matching tricks.

Identify Your Colour Family

Adding hair extensions seems intimidating, but choosing the right colour that naturally blends with your locks can do wonders for elevating your hair’s lustre. It’s the perfect choice for volumising your hair for any occasion, allowing you to look picture-ready without putting your hair under stress.

Determine whether your hair is blonde, brunette, black or red. Try not to rely on photos as they can inaccurately capture the colour of your hair. It’s best to get a mirror and identify it in person. Ask friends if you feel uncertain about it.

The best way to colour match is under natural light. If there is a window nearby, do the match test there. Artificial lights can affect a colour’s appearance as they can trick your eyes. Incandescent lights, for example, cast a warm light, enhancing the way reds, oranges, yellows, and other warm colours appear.

If you are torn between two colours, sticking with the lighter choice is always best. Light hair extensions are easier to tone darker. On the other hand, bleaching dark extensions to make them appear lighter is not possible.

You can also ask whoever provided you with the extensions if they also offer toning services. Some hair extension providers offer this service to achieve the perfect colour matching their customers’ hair. You can also do it independently, but asking for professional help can give you better results.

Hair extensions usually work on a 10-colour level spectrum. Level 1 is black, 2-4 is brown, 5 is a deep auburn, 6-10 is blonde. Several undertones are available on the market to get you your perfect match.

Check the Roots to the Tips

It’s easy to assume that hair extensions should match the overall colouring of your hair, but the outer parts of your mane are typically lighter than its roots. The inner strands are also darker due to the minimal sun exposure, so basing the colour on the front of your hair can surprisingly make for an uneven combination.

Naturally, your hair roots will appear darker than the rest of your hair. Hair extensions are best matched to your mid-length hair colour due to their general placement. If you get hair extensions that seem a tone lighter, they can pass off as highlights.

For the best results, observe the hue of your hair’s mid-length ends as it is the optimal section for matching your extensions. Don’t forget to look at the strands under natural light to see how they will bounce off the reflection, making it easier to choose hair extension swatches that flawlessly suit your hair’s tone.

There are specially made hair extensions if you have highlights in your hair. This can vary from highlighted strands, ombre hair, rooted, balayage and more. Acquiring hair extensions that are coloured and styled similarly to yours will reduce any discrepancies in your hairstyle.

Ask for Testers

Some companies that offer hair extensions may provide or sell samples. Several strands of a commercial set would be shipped out for you to test. You can hold the hair extension up to your hair and check if they have the same shade.

Try to get multiple samples to deduce what seems too light and what looks too dark. A colour ring is a great alternative if you can’t get your hands on any testers. You can check multiple swatches of various hair extensions through the colour ring to know the proper product label to order.

Blend Multiple Tones

Your hair can look different at first glance compared to when you have a closer study. When you have different tones and levels in your natural hair, the solution is to blend in various extension styles. A blend of extensions will better match the colour dimension of your hair and appear more natural.

Choosing a flat colour can make for a fuller shade, but adding highlights or lowlights can add a stylish dimension to your mane. It adds a stunning vibrancy to your tresses, making it an excellent addition that will give you the hair of your dreams.

Bring Human Remy Hair Extensions

If you have dyed hair, you may have a small problem as hair extensions are predominantly neutral. Coloured hair extensions are usually too solid and too synthetic. Luckily, virgin human hair extensions such as Remy hair can be styled and dyed to a perfect colour. Bring a set to a hairstylist so they can colour it to match your current hair.

Different Types of Hair Extensions

Although colour matching your hair extensions is important for a seamless blend, it’s also important to know about the different hair extension types.

1. Clip-Ins

Clip-in hair extensions are the most recommended type of hair extension for those who are starting since it is the easiest, fastest, and most inexpensive hair extensions. It is temporary and often requires professional help for installation; it can simply be clipped into the root of the hair.

2. Tape-Ins

This type of extension requires professional help since it is an individual piece of hair that is taped onto hair and staggers throughout the entire head. The installation usually takes an hour and requires frequent maintenance, at least every four to eight weeks.

3. Individual Bonds

Individual bonds are single strands of hair fused to the natural hair using different adhesives. It is the closest to achieving a natural hair look, lasting up to five months.


Finding the closest hair extension colour to yours can take a bit of time, but you’ll save more money when you’re meticulous the first time. It’s worth it when you get extensions applied and take a peek at the mirror. You’ll be looking flawless without a single ruly strand.

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If you’re unsure about finding the most suitable coloured hair extensions, use our online hair colour matching form.

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