20 inch 200g

Discover our range of 20inch/200g hair extensions here at Foxy Locks, the longest in our Deluxe range. Perfect for fine to normal hair, our 200g hair extensions create instant body and bounce and blend seamlessly into your natural hair. In our Deluxe 200g hair extensions range, we’ve got a wide range of stunning shades for you to choose from, including jet black, rich mahogany, chestnut, honey blonde and two-tone ombre. Made with Remy human hair, our 200g hair extensions are exceptional quality and can be washed, heated and styled.


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Discover our range of Deluxe 20inch/200g hair extensions here at Foxy Locks and find the perfect solution for flat and fine hair. Ideal for those looking for subtle body and thickness, our 200g hair extensions provide instant volume and length. From icy blonde to mochaccino, mahogany to jet black, our 200g hair extensions are available in a variety of beautiful natural shades to colour match with your hair colour, including stunning two-tone ombre options.


Like all our clip-in hair extensions at Foxy Locks, our 200g hair extensions are made from Remy human hair, which creates a completely natural look and feel. At Foxy Locks, we’ve designed our 200g hair extensions to blend flawlessly into your hair so they remain undetected for as long as you wear them. What’s more, you can wash and heat and style our 200g hair extensions just as you would your natural locks and create all manner of voluminous looks. For more options, explore our range of clip-in ponytails.