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If you have hair extensions or planning to get one, it’s important that you are aware that your extensions can get discoloured as well. You need to protect and care for your hair extensions like you would your natural hair, especially the blonde ones. So, if you find the extensions turning peachy or brassy, that only means it triggered a chemical process that altered hair pigmentation.

The pigments in hair colour are important because they help you achieve your desired shade. However, these pigments counteract the ones that are already in your hair. As with natural hair, the pigments will be washed off with frequent hair washing. Albeit inevitable, some mistakes can accelerate the process that could turn the hair brassier faster than you think!

The Reason Behind Orange Or Brassy Hair Extensions

Hair extensions, compared to your natural hair, are more porous. This is because extensions are not attached to the scalp, and that means it won’t get any natural nutrients to create a protective barrier. With that, extensions are more prone to discolouration and damage compared to natural hair.

Why hair extensions turn orange or brassy is because of their porosity. Certain triggers include:

  • Hard water: Water has a significant impact on the colour, texture, and manageability of the hair extensions. Hard water can leave residue on the hair; and because hair extensions can’t produce the necessary oils that the scalp produces, they can’t counterbalance the minerals. Repeated washing using hard water can cause the extensions to turn dry and tangled.
  • Chlorine: This can strip the hair of oils, moisture, and colour. Therefore, chlorine can make hair extensions dry and discoloured. It’s best to tie your hair up in a bun and avoid your hair to get in contact with your water as much as you can.
  • Seawater: Salt is a natural dehydrator, which can strip your hair of natural oils and moisture. With this, it can cause discolour to the hair that could leave it brassy.
  • Sunlight: It can lighten the colour of the hair extensions quicker than you expect. That is why you need to wear a hat if you’re going out under the sun.

If you find yourself constantly exposed to these elements, then you have the answer as to why your extensions have changed in colour.

With that, if you really have to wear hair extensions and you’re going somewhere sunny, opt for clip-on hair extensions instead. Additionally, make sure you use only the recommended products for the hair extensions because some shampoos and conditioners can stain the extension hair.

How to Fix Discolored Hair Extensions

Identify the reason behind the discoloration first so you can avoid it in the future. You can prevent discoloration by having a thorough aftercare routine. Use products that will re-introduce the specific pigment back into the hair. Furthermore, you need to keep a close eye on it the next time because it’s more porous than your natural hair.

Invest in Quality Hair Extensions

You don’t want your hair extensions to get discoloured; therefore, you need to know why they do and how to prevent them. Another effective thing you can do is to ensure you invest in high-quality hair extensions as this can make a lot of difference.

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